Wood Floor Restoration FAQs

Are the sanding machines 100 % dust free?

The floor drum sander edger and trio finishing machines are about 98% dust free but small hand tools are not. However they don't make much dust anyway and we vacuum regularly so you don't need to worry.


So once you've been we should expect not to find any dust?

We cannot guarantee that there will not be any dust at all. No one in this trade could. We will try to leave the premises as we found it except for the obvious difference of a newly re-surfaced floor.

Do I need to have the gaps filled between my floor boards?

This is purely a matter of preference but filling could stop drafts from below. We will advise you what we think is best for your situation.

We heard that filler can fall out is this true?

Unfortunately, if the wrong method of filling has been done, it can fall out. We have 4 different methods depending on the size of the gaps and in extreme cases we will re-align all the boards and put a re-clamed board in to take up any slack.


Can I sand the floor myself?

Floor sanding is a skilled job that takes training, practice and years of experience. We get many calls from people that are very unhappy with what they have done to their floor and how much it cost them in money and time to do it. Unfortunately a badly sanded, marked and lacquered floor looks horrible and needs a complete re-sand.

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